August 15, 2022
Pawan Kumar Sehrawat

The Pro Kabaddi League ( PKL) to date has witnessed some thrilling matches, and also some new stars emerge every season. While many have had the ups and downs of the sport, some new players have made an impact on the PKL with impressive performances. One of them can be Pawan Kumar Sehrawat.

In the present, Pawan Sehrawat is among the most popular players within the PKL. The ability of his to awe defenders with his lengthy reach, and his signature hand movements that he runs with makes him a formidable opponent to play.

At only 23 years old, Pawan is among the best athletes of Indian Kabaddi; helped Bengaluru Bulls to their first title ever and was named the league’s Most Valuable Player for the 2018 season.

Pawan Sehrawat Biography

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, born the 9th July 1996 within the capital city of Delhi and began playing Kabaddi at the age of 12. “I was very healthy in my youth and it was normal that I would perform well against the smaller players on the mat for kabaddi.”

“But it wasn’t until I reached ninth grade that I began to think of taking it seriously. Nobody in my family was a player so we didn’t think of it as a potential career,” Pawan remembers. Pawan began playing at the school Nationals followed by his first All India University Games.

In the year 2015, Pawan was in his second year of graduating. But, Randhir Singh spotted the teenager during his Northern Railways trials and offered him a job at the railways. In the same year, the Bengaluru situated PKL franchise was able to sign him up.

Pawan Sehrawat Family

The mother of Pawan advised him to concentrate on his education. His mother would often quote the well-known Hindi line: “Padhoge likehoge banoge nawab’ which means that when you study, you’ll be admired. “She encouraged me to be a good student. But I wasn’t enjoying the process so much. Additionally, I don’t enjoy being too busy. In my school days I played Kabaddi,” he says.

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Pawan was required to assume responsibility when he turned 18. The plastic recycling facility run by his father closed which left the family living with the proceeds from the grocery store. Pawan was later kicked out of school after he was offered an employment as an TTE for the Indian Railways due to Kabaddi. When his financial problems were past, Pawan did go and complete his undergrad at Delhi University.

Pawan Sehrawat Career

Pawan is a member of his country in the Indian Railways in senior nationals and over the last few years has been awe-inspiring to many. He played as the defender at one point. Only in the Railways team that he began to play the role of raider. Pawan has impressed with his performances in the role.

His performance during the 65th Senior National Kabaddi Championships as and in the Federation Cup made him a profitable property to auction. In a game against Karnataka the player recorded a whopping 18 points at the Senior Nationals. He continued to impress throughout the Federation Cup as well.

Pawan Sehrawat Pro Kabaddi

Pawan began playing for his team the Bengaluru Bulls in the Pro Kabaddi League at 20 years old. In his first campaign playing for the Bulls, Pawan started 13 of 14 games. He scored 53 points. He was the Bulls most prolific raider in points. In the subsequent year, Pawan featured only ten times and scored only 11 points.

One reason that he was not given enough opportunities was the inclusion in Season 3 MVP Rohit Kumarand Deepak Kumar Dahiya. Sehrawat was pushed down the pecking order and got limited chances.

A brief stint playing Gujarat Fortune Giants

The young Sehrawat’s talent was not to get overlooked. He was bought at a price of an amount of 13.8 lakhs from PKL the debutant Gujarat Fortune Giants. But, Sehrawat was a disappointment because of the combination of not playing enough and being unable to make the most of his chances.

“They bought me for 14 lakhs. I was sure they’d paid so much, and I was unable to do anything. Perhaps, next year, nobody will even offer the amount of Rs8 Lakh to me. Many of the veteran players that were never sold. I was thinking that maybe I should just quit the League and take a break before they throw me out. I am an TT in the New Delhi station, which is very close to my home So I was thinking that I could focus on my work.”

But, the universe always gives the opportunity to try again. This time, Bengaluru Bulls, his former team, offered him another chance.

A return and a breakthrough season for Bengaluru Bulls

Randhir Singh, the coach who was able to spot him while working for Railways returned him into his home in the Southern City for Rs52.8 lakhs. “He (Randhir) reached me back after the fifth season and advised me not to be depressed,” Sehrawat recalls.

“He promised to return me with him to Bengaluru Bulls, and helped me regain confidence. Bengaluru purchased me for an amount of 52.8 lakhs. The price was not a factor. I was trying to be successful.” Indifferent to the cost, Sehrawat showed why he received a large sum of money.

When he made his debut for the second time with the club, Sherawat scored 20 points against the Tamil Thalaivas. He then blasted through defenses using his speed and strength. Pawan Kumar played the Bengaluru Bulls to the final and achieved a record-breaking 22 points, while also denying his former team the trophy.

He ended his season with the top points- 282; the highest points from raids- 271 Most successful raids- 209 and the highest number of super raids of 12. Pawan received the prized Most Valuable Player, and sure did he merit the award! In his post-season interview the humble Delhite admits that he “wanted to be the best for the team but I didn’t think I could do it as effectively, or lead my team to win the title or win MVP.”

The promising performances of Pawan continued the following season, in his quest to make it in to his place in the Indian team. In the wake of captain Rohit Kumar’s slump in form, Pawan Kumar took up the responsibility while the Bulls made their way to playoffs. He proved he’s not one-season wonder, Sehrawat scored 360 points in just 24 games, and the feat was accomplished in record time.

In the game with Haryana Steelers, Pawan broke Pradeep Narwal’s record of 34 raid points in one PKL game by scoring 39 points. When he faced the eventual winners, Bengal Warriors, the Bengal Warriors scored 29 points. This is the third highest ever recorded in the history of the League. Kumar was again named an MVP for the entire season.

Frog Jump

The score was 20-23 and barely two seconds into the second quarter of the game that was played between Bengaluru and Patna Raider Pawan Kumar Sehrawat made his way into the opposing team’s side to cut the deficit of his team. Patna Pirates’ corner defender Ravinder Kumar was on the lookout when he ran towards Sehrawat and attempted to take him down.

Sehrawat was rushing across the mat in an attempt at the ‘Running Hand” as well as Ravinder Kumar utilised his blindside to put himself in the perfect position right between midline players and raiders. The odds were not in favor of Sehrawat in this particular scenario. He was unable to get around the opponent because his path was blocked. The possibilities for a successful escape boring.

Maybe he’d have to leap over the defense and then over the defender, but that isn’t possible. Pawan took off over Kumar and managed to get on his feet before posing in front of the cameras. The home crowd went berserk.

Pawan Sehrawat Awards & Achievements

  • Gold at South Asian Games 2019
  • PKL Champions 2018
  • The MVP of PKL season in 2018
  • Sehrawat has the distinction of having most points scored in one match with 39.
  • Sehrawat was the only player to post 300-raid points in the year 2019
  • Sehrawat’s 22 points from the finals of 2018 were the highest of any player to reach an event final.
  • He was the best runner and the best Allrounder for two consecutive seasons, in both 2018 and 2019.

Unknown Facts

  • Pawan Kumar Sehrawat was born . He raised in New Delhi
  • Pawan Kumar began his career playing for his club the Railways with the Railways Domestic. He been a part of PKL Franchises Bengaluru Bulls and Gujarat Fortune Giants.
  • Pawan Kumar was also a part of India in the 2019 South Asian Games. He was a key player during the finals where India beat Sri Lanka to win the gold.
  • Sehrawat who is a fan of cricket says AB de Villiers is his source of motivation. He added: “I have followed cricket for many years. I am a big admirer of AB de Villiers. The man has been an source of inspiration, so I chose my number. as 17 as De Villiers”. He also said, “I want my raiding style to be similar to De Villiers’ batting style. Similar to the way he plays all kinds of shot, whether it’s long-on and long-off, hook or cut, I’d like to score points through every kind of raiding techniquesuch as bonus, jump and stretch, etc. .”
  • As with most raiders Pawan has his own trademark move. The move is known as the “running hand touch”. The move is an unexpected twist and is coupled with an abrupt acceleration. He swoops toward an opponent and then extends his whole body for quick contact with his hands before rushing back to his safety.

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