June 30, 2022
With age, a sedentary lifestyle can be a source of health problems, but also of psychological discomfort. Here are 3 perfect sports to stay active and independent, and maintain top health!


Good physical condition allows seniors to carry out simple everyday actions such as carrying shopping bags or climbing stairs, without having to ask their children and grandchildren for help. This dependence would affect their morale. 

The practice of badminton and billiards maintains physical endurance and preserves autonomy. Like billiards, badminton is a complete sport that involves diversified movements. It improves endurance and helps fight obesity. All the muscles are used: the glutes thanks to the races, the abdominals and back when you land a shuttle, and many more! 
As for billiards, the different positions for shooting work the muscles in depth and then we walk for miles around the table during a game. What to tone up without even realizing it!

Badminton also limits cardiovascular risks. It allows to work the breath thanks to the long exchanges, and thus to maintain a sufficient physical capacity to support the efforts of the daily newspaper. This activity promotes oxygenation of the brain and muscles and ensures a gentle and quality physical strengthening.

This gain in quality of life has a positive impact on their morale. Autonomy and physical fitness, all assets that are the key to their happiness and mental well-being!


Maintaining good mobility is essential for seniors who often wish to ensure their independence.

Does the name “Papy Pong” speak to you? This centenary in love with ping-pong practiced this sport for 94 years, and it is the secret of his longevity! Medical studies carried out in England and Japan show that table tennis is an excellent sport for seniors! Indeed, this sport promotes motor skills, improves coordination between visual perception and the action of the limbs. Moreover, the reaction time decreases due to the speed of the ball, which invigorates the reflexes!

But rest assured, this sport preserves the joints and even helps reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis. The same goes for billiards! This precision sport requires gestures that improve motor coordination. Billiards, whether French, American, English (blackball) or even snooker, also requires coordination between the eye and the hand.

Bonus: these two sports are ideal for people in wheelchairs!

Autonomy is also gained with flexibility and a good balance. Badminton is also an excellent sport for working on flexibility and balance. Pilot programs conducted by the French Badminton Federation in nursing homes show that the practice of this sport slows down the effects of age on balance. Adapted and fun activities with mini-rackets, foam balls and balloons allow seniors to benefit from the benefits of badminton, while protecting their body from injuries. The diversity of movements allows them to gain flexibility, which makes their daily lives easier.
Once again, billiards has undeniable advantages! This activity, which is practiced standing, requires a certain flexibility. Indeed, we can play as we see fit, but keeping one foot on the ground. This rule requires you to look for positions that allow you to play the best shot. 

How to develop your attention skills? A sufficient level of vigilance is necessary to live your daily life in complete safety: in the city to cross the road for example. 

Table tennis and badminton are sports activities par excellence that keep the attention awake. In ping-pong, the speed of the ball over a short distance means that you have to pay constant attention to your opponent’s actions so as not to get overwhelmed in two strokes of the racket! In the same way, to return the wheel, it is necessary to observe the blows of the adversary, to seize the information and to react immediately. If the opposing player bucks, you have to move forward and adjust quickly to land the shuttle. But you also have to react quickly when he hits hard! Did you know that a badminton shuttlecock can reach speeds of 400 km / h? The world record is even established at 493 km / h! Be on the alert so as not to be surprised!

Finally, to keep an elephant’s memory, nothing like ping-pong! Memory is undoubtedly the most developed faculty in table tennis. This sport is one of those with the highest rate of brain stimulation. It prevents memory problems but also reduces them! Numerous studies around the world prove that the practice of table tennis slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and reduces the risk of dementia. A Japanese study shows, moreover, thanks to the comparison of images of the brain before / after, that the practice of table tennis stimulates the hippocampus, a region of the brain affected by the disease. Ping-pong is therefore very useful in preventing the effects of aging on the brain and slowing the progression of the disease in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


Physical health goes hand in hand with mental well-being. The practice of badminton maintains concentration. Indeed, it forces you to keep your eyes on the steering wheel in order to position yourself correctly. This sport, therefore, makes it possible to work on cognitive abilities and to maintain intense brain activity. Moreover, it is a sport that respects a lot of mathematical and physical laws (notions of geometry, trajectories, accelerations, shocks, and effects …) Throughout a game, the player performs calculations and analyzes the game in order to reduce uncertainty and chance. What to counter the nostalgia of the young years at the time of a game by diving back into the world of school to study math …

Billiards also allows you to work on your concentration, and also your thinking skills. It improves the capacity for anticipation and projection. The player likes to imagine a strategy and a tactic to win. Visualize the trajectories of the balls, try to block his opponent, anticipate his next shots, choose an angle, an effect (the rotation that we will give to the cue ball), shoot with or without power, etc …

This user-friendly strategy game is therefore excellent for working your brain while having fun!

Ping-pong, badminton, and billiards are your best allies to get in shape! If the benefits of sport are well established, these 3 fun and intergenerational activities are suitable for everyone! What to share wonderful convivial moments with family or friends!

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