October 2, 2022

A car crash’s physical and emotional toll is real, and no one denies it. Understanding the process of filing a lawsuit following an auto accident attorney Columbus is crucial if you want to settle the financial and legal issues resulting from the accident. In the worst-case scenario, being involved in a car crash might change your life.

After experiencing the trauma of a car crash, it is common to feel overwhelmed and disoriented. You should know how long you must submit a claim against the motorist who caused the accident. This will affect your ability to gather evidence, get medical attention, notify the authorities, and swap information with the other driver.

Ohio statute of limitations for car accidents:

In the event of a car accident, the statute of limitations for initiating legal action varies from one state to the next. In this particular circumstance, a statute of limitations is applicable. The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Ohio is twenty-four months from the date of the accident, with very few exceptions.

Statute of limitations in place:

The goals of the statute of limitations are as follows:

  • Prevent the victim from dragging out the case to promote a strategy that could harm the defendant.
  • If any physical or witness testimony could deteriorate over time, make sure to preserve it.
  • Prompt dispute resolution should be encouraged to avoid the lawsuit dragging on for years.

Being involved in a car crash brought on by the carelessness or negligence of another driver is never easy. Damages for your injuries and other losses may be compensable. However, you must take the necessary steps within the allotted time frame if you want to file a successful personal injury claim and receive the compensation you deserve.


It takes time to file a claim after you’ve been in a car accident. Because of this, there is a chance of a delay. You may be able to settle certain cases out of court to avoid having to go to trial, which comes with its own set of expenses and complications. However, it would help if you still give yourself enough time to negotiate the settlement terms to get the best deal possible.

In addition, the insurance company can make an issue because you don’t have a lot of time to file a claim on your policy with them. Leaving things until the last minute can provide your rival an advantage they did not have before.

Things Get Before Taking Action:

As attorneys specializing in cases involving motor vehicle collisions in Columbus, we have seen that the quicker we get engaged in the personal injury claim of a client, the more successful we have been. We are aware that the process of developing a claim may take a little bit of time. For example, the majority of victims don’t learn that they require follow-up care until several months after the traumatic event that occurred to them. Despite this, it is in the victim’s best interest to obtain legal representation as quickly as possible, especially if the circumstances are such that this is practicable.

Should You Accept the Insurance Settlement:

Putting pressure on the customer to decide in a short period is an essential strategy utilized by insurance adjusters. You might get the impression that you are under pressure to accept their settlement offer right now, or you would risk not obtaining any compensation at all.

Do not base your decisions on your legal rights primarily on the information provided to you by an insurance provider. If you want to ensure that your claim is protected as much as possible, you should get in touch with the motorcycle accident lawyer Columbus at LPY Law as soon as possible. In the direst of circumstances, we may be in a position to take urgent action.

How long after a Columbus, OH accident Should You file a claim:

The bottom message is that you shouldn’t wait to speak with a legal representative about your options. To schedule a meeting with LPY Law, you should get in touch with the firm as soon as possible. Contacting our office means you have nothing to lose because we offer free consultations with no catches or obligations attached.


LPY Law has been in the business of providing legal services for several decades, and we put that experience to work for our clients. Our company is dedicated to offering our clients the maximum possible rate of return on their investments. People from all parts of Ohio, including the state’s interior and southernmost areas, can count on us for assistance.


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