August 15, 2022

If the idea of playing professional video games sounds too amazing to be true If so, then you’ll be glad to learn that it’s a real career path that offers many possibilities. Professional gaming, sometimes referred to Esports is now an actual business that is expected to bring in $1.5 billion in 2023.

The process of becoming a professional gaming pro requires lots of commitment, perseverance and the ability. If gaming is your thing it’s not for all. Gamers can draw huge crowds and earn huge cash prizes that can reach millions, which is why this is a lucrative career for people who love video games.

Are you looking to learn how to become a professional player? Read on, and we’ll explain the steps to follow.

What is a Professional Gamer?

If you’ve not heard the phrase “professional gamer” before, you might be wondering what exactly it means. Professional gamers play video games all day long and plays in tournaments to take home prizes. Pro athletes are also compensated by advertisers or sponsors when they play. Sometimes they’re part of teams of players, earning money too.

In contrast to those who work in the gaming sector, such as game testers or designers professionals are focused on playing games, not making games. Professional gamers are constantly playing and studying their chosen game until they have mastered it enough to be able to compete. They usually spend hours practicing and build important skills such as hand-eye coordination, quick reactions and problem-solving abilities.

If this is something you’d be attracted to, the next step is to master the art of becoming an expert player to determine whether it’s a good fit right for you.

Should You Be a Pro Gamer or a Streamer?

Before you begin planning for your future as a professional gamer, after watching people stream online and on social media, be aware of the distinction between being a pro player as opposed to a professional streamer.

Pro streamers upload streams and live video on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch to increase their following and channel. In contrast to a professional player who earns a living through teams or sponsors streamers earn money through broadcasting online gaming and collecting the money from ads.

Anyone can become a professional streamer with a sufficient public following, therefore this profession is more accessible to those who are not professionals. Furthermore, as streamers you are your own boss which means you are able to set your own schedule. This is another benefit.

However professional gamers typically earn more money than streamers.


How to Become a Professional Gamer: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re wondering how you can become a professional gamer or how to begin we’ll guide you through the process. It may appear simple enough, but it requires lots of work determination, commitment, and perseverance and dedication, so you must be prepared to work hard.

Step 1: Choose Your Game, Platform, and Genre

It is generally recommended to stay with one game either a genre, platform, or even a type of game when beginning your journey as a professional player. With all the options for games and locations they can be played, it’s going to be difficult to master all of them, which is why you should narrow your choices.

Choose a genre first that you are interested in, such as a strategy game or racing game for instance. It is possible to select multiple genres however being more precise, you stand a higher chances of success.

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The next step is to choose your platform, like PC gaming (which is the most commonly used option for gaming competitively) or any other console such as PS4.

Choose a few options of games you would like to be focusing on. Popular esports games comprise Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, StarCraft II and many other.

Step 2: Practice Makes Perfect

It’s not perfect, but it’s not impossible however, making it as close as you can in order to be a professional player. Check out what streamers and professional gamers do and dedicate yourself to research strategies for games and testing strategies, and then make efforts to improve your gameplay.

You can always find helpful tips tutorials, guides, or even videos on the internet from fellow gamers which you can utilize to enhance your abilities in a particular game.

Step 3: Join a Gaming Community

Being a pro at what you do is just half the fight. It is also important to be noticed. The best method to achieve this is to join any gaming group, whether in-person or online.

The benefits of networking aren’t the only one when you join the community. You’ll also be able to connect with a variety of like-minded individuals who will help and assist you in your path to becoming a professional gaming player. You’ll be able train with each fellow gamers to develop your abilities.

Step 4: Invest in Good Gaming Gear

It may sound simple, but in order to help you succeed in gaming you require the proper equipment. It’s not necessary to purchase all of it at once particularly if you’re just beginning out however, you must ensure that the equipment you choose does not hinder your gaming.

Here are a few things to consider purchasing or upgrading

  • Gaming PCs or laptops
  • Headset
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • LED monitor
  • Gaming mouse
  • High-quality microphone and webcam.
  • Comfortable gaming chair
  • Surround-sound speakers

Nobody said that being a professional player is expensive however having these equipments in your home will help you feel more comfortable when playing games, and it’s an investment that is worth the cost in the event that you decide to take this route.


Step 5: Attend Local Gaming Events

There are a lot of gaming events in a community. Being a part of the community requires you to attend local gaming events, either as an observer, or as a participant. There is a need to start somewhere, so the most effective method of getting practicing and begin getting up the ladder is to start by participating in small local events before gradually building up.


Step 6: Find a Team

When you’ve established an image by winning small or larger local contests then you’ll be a great player for joining an online gaming team. You’ll require top-quality abilities and a strong network of contacts before you’re invited to join the team. It is also possible to contact teams via the internet or in person to find out whether they have space for you to be a part of. The more adept you’re at your best in the game, the more likely you’ll be invited to be a part of a team, therefore there’s nothing wrong with too many practice sessions or preparation.


Step 7: Compete in Leagues and Tournaments

After you’ve made your way through regional gaming tournaments, it’s now time to go professional. Go to professional tournaments and watch other players in their element When you’re at ease and confident, put your name into the competition to play in the same way. Begin to build your following and reputation as a player during these tournaments, which are held both on the internet and in person events. Focus on the prize and concentrate on winning to take part in even more fiercely competitive tournaments.


Step 8: Get Sponsored

It’s a fact that it’s much simpler to do than it is however, a sign of the true professional is obtaining an endorsement. It’s nice to win tournaments however, if they’re just singular events, you shouldn’t count on winnings to earn a steady stream of income.

Professional gamers earn money through sponsorship agreements with brands that allow you to advertise their products making use of their products. After all the effort and money that you’ve invested in your playing career, it’s time to begin earning money from your abilities!

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