October 2, 2022

In this period when the golf courses are closed but also because sometimes you can’t get to your favorite golf course or because you don’t have time to get there, the question of playing golf at home arises. Like me, you start having an itchy putter or the need to check if you still know how to swing.

You are afraid of losing everything you have learned. Do not panic, it is possible to play at home. You simply select which golf move you want to work on first.


Before giving you advice on each possibility of playing golf at home, you must already answer a few questions. Indeed, the most basic, do I have a big enough house? Does my house have a garden or do I live in an apartment? We are not all equal on this first question. But if you have at least 5 m2 in a room you can play golf at home.

The second question to ask yourself is what golf move do I want to work on? It is possible to practice all the golf movements of the swing with a driver. You can also work on your short game and approaches with a wedge. And finally the easiest, putting is the golf movement that requires the least space.

Golf at home: ideas, exercises, advice, training…

As you have surely understood, golf at home can be rich in training, golf exercise with room. Your only limit is your imagination, you can invent exercises to perfect all your movements. Once I saw, on youtube, a bodybuilding exercise using a chair. Swinging this chair from left to right allows you to build muscle to improve your swing.

You can also swing without hitting a ball on carpet. Be careful of your walls and ceiling though, it would be a shame to turn your golf training into a demolition session.

I therefore suggest that you list the different solutions for playing golf at home.


For the swing, as I told you, you can work this on empty. But there are solutions to building a perfect golf swing. These are golf simulators. I warn you right now, it is not the cheapest solution and it requires space. Nevertheless with such a solution, sometimes I wonder if we are still as motivated to go on the courses. Come on, it’s not true, nothing replaces the landscape offered by the most beautiful golf courses around the world, the fresh air and the walk that golf provides.

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I will not make you the selection of all the accessories to buy to have a great golf simulator in this article. I will simply give you the list of necessary accessories. Note that I found the address of a website that offers you to build a golf simulator for less than 1200€ which is very affordable when you know that the use of a trackman, a device dedicated to analysis of the swing like the speed, costs around 20000€.

The Simulator

Beyond having in possession of golf clubs, the heart of the device is the simulator. Today the solutions are becoming more democratic. It is possible to find simulators around 600€. This is the most expensive part of the device but it should not be neglected. The less expensive offer the essential functionalities of analyzing your swing.

But if you put a little more money, you will find simulators that offer you to do a course. Some even reproduce known routes around the world. The class you could play a course that you might never have been able to play.

The overhead projector

The second element of the device is the overhead projector. It’s still more pleasant to see a small white ball, even virtual, arriving near a flag on the green. In fact you play a real ball which will hit a screen on which the overhead projector broadcasts the image of the simulator. It’s true, maybe I should have started there to explain what a golf simulator is.

I’ve seen cheap mini overhead projectors on the net but I don’t know if it could be suitable for broadcasting the image of a golf simulator. If you have information or you have already used this type of material, please leave a comment at the bottom of the article. The fandegolf community thanks you in advance.

The golf mat

The golf mat is the least expensive accessory of the device. I just recommend that you pay attention to the thickness of the mat. You have probably practiced on a golf mat in your club even if you are new to golf so you have to see the thickness you need. This thickness will be a guarantee of durability and will also prevent you from injuring your back while training.

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