October 2, 2022

A pitch or a sport ground is an area of play outdoors that is used for many sports. The term”pitch” is commonly applied to British English, while the comparable term for American as well as Canadian English is playing field or sports field.

In all sports, the most common term is field, although this is not commonly used by those who are not in refereeing/umpiring circles. The field of play usually includes out-of-bounds areas that players are likely to come across during games, such as the areas beyond the touchlines in association football and rugby, as well as the sidelines of American and Canadian football as well as”foul territory,” as in “foul territory” in baseball.

The pitch’s surface is usually made from sod (grass), but may also be synthetic turf or sand clay, gravel, concrete or other substances. A playing field that is made of ice could be called”a rink,” such as an ice hockey rink, although rink may also be used to refer to the entire building that is, as in the case of curling, to either the structure or a particular team.

In the sport called cricket, the pitch is not referring to the whole area of the field but rather to the part of the field that bowling and batting occurs in the middle of the field. The pitch is prepared differently to the rest of the field, to provide a harder surface for bowling.

A pitch is usually an official space, as in a soccer pitch.

The term level playing field is also used metaphorically to refer to fairness in other human activities , such as the business world where there are both winners and losers.

Game court

Game courts are the names given to a multi-sport athletic space, typically built outdoors, in which such games as basketball, paddle tennis, volleyball, as well as other racquet sports as well as a variety of additional sports and games may be played. They’re usually smaller than a standard tennis (120′ x 60′)or basketball (84’x50′)court but there are no defined size or dimensions for a game court. The idea of game courts was popularized by Sport Court in the 1970s and a few generic references are made to game courts as ‘sport courts’. However that is a trademark of Connor Sport Court International, LLC. Game courts are usually situated in backyards for residential use, giving families and children opportunities to exercise and play close to home.

Game courts are built using a rectangular under-base made out of asphalt or concrete. These are which is then covered by an open-grid modular polypropylene (or similar) sports surface that increases safety. The majority of them have athletic equipment including basketball goals, net systems for racquet games as well as volleyball and badminton. lighting for night-time play as well as ball containment or fencing netting, hockey/soccer goals, markers or lines that are used for different sports, as well as exercises or training elements can also be included into the design.


The surface of a game court–as opposed to simply playing on concrete or asphalt–is intended to ensure safety and to reduce injuries. A lot of people are beginning to use suspended athletic courts to cover old athletic courts like tennis courts or basketball courts. The surface must provide adequate grip for a variety of activities and sports in addition to the ability to reduce force or shock to minimize overuse and stress injuries.

Game courts are usually designed to meet the requirements of the group or family they are a great choice for providing a variety of games to be played on an extremely small area. Some games played on a game court can be enjoyable variations of other activities (such as tennis played in short courts) which allows similar capabilities to be developed for the “regular” game but with a smaller dimensions. A typical court for games is 50×30 feet (15.2 meters x 9.1 meters) could comprise a basketball key and 3-point line that is arranged around a hoop with shorter-court tennis or pickleball lines (which are also used to play badminton or volleyball) on the larger size.

Ball is contained

Game courts for private use are usually constructed with an elevated fence around the surface in order to provide an enclosure of the ball in the game, and in case necessary, to deter players from entering. Many different materials can be used, like chain-link fencing, welded wire mesh fences, nets or fabric mesh.

Some of the Sports Field Images

Estadio Olimpico Nilton Santos

National Stadium

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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