June 30, 2022
benefits of Cycling

benefits of Cycling


City cycling reduces the risk of mortality linked to overweight and cardiovascular disease according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Through daily practice, you keep in shape, increase your muscle strength, improve your blood circulation through pedaling, your flexibility, your balance and your coordination. The city bike makes you more resistant to fatigue and improves the quality of sleep. Finally, you fight against stress and depression. Not bad is not it ?


30 minutes or 2 hours?

Between 18 and 64 years old, the WHO recommends practicing at least 21.5 minutes of moderate endurance activity per day. We often wonder how to include this time in an already busy day. By commuting by bike to go to work, go shopping or just for a walk in the city, you tick the “everyday sport” box!


A 30-minute city bike ride consumes an average of 195 to 560 calories in your muscles. This average depends on whether you are a woman or a man and depending on your speed …

If your goal is to lose weight and keep in shape, the main thing is regularity. By training frequently for the long haul, you will quickly see the results of your efforts. When you pedal, the body eliminates carbohydrates, i.e. sugar, for the first 20 minutes, followed by lipids, more commonly known as fats. So no pressure, since the slightest trip by bike will be beneficial for your body.


Nothing like getting on your city bike in the morning to wake up gently while putting your brains on the road for the rest of the day! When you cycle to work, this commuting time becomes a moment for yourself, during which you can reflect on your day while taking care of yourself.

The act of pedaling undeniably produces a ” yoga effect “. When you arrive at the office, you have clear ideas and you feel boosted for the day. And in the evening, practicing a little cycling to get home is very beneficial, especially for morale: connected to your environment, you really cut yourself off from work, you focus on your well-being and you arrive home lighter. .

Cycling and yoga have more than one point in common: relaxed rhythm, taking time for yourself, eliminating stress, contact with the world, sharing, awareness of the body and of the present moment …

In addition, for velotaffeurs with a many kilometers to do and a few hills to climb, yoga can be very useful to stay in a comfort zone during the journey, especially through work on breathing.

In general, it may be interesting to work on the flexibility of the hips and the muscles most often used in order to maintain good mobility. What is certain is that the bike + yoga combo is particularly suitable for keeping a good general shape!

the benefits of cycling in the city


With a city bike, you can take other routes than those you are used to, by car or on foot. And even if we must of course watch the road, we are at the perfect speed to enjoy the scenery.

Nothing prevents us from taking a short stop when we are witnessing a beautiful sunset to capture the moment in a photo or to take a detour through a particularly beautiful street if we have the time …


Riding a bicycle rather than a car makes it possible to contribute on a scale to making the city more pleasant to live in: less pollution, less noise, less traffic jams. And taking action on a daily basis for the planet casually, it also does good for morale!

And then … in the city we go faster by bike than by car, that’s undeniable!

Obviously, this statement will also depend on the distance to be covered and the traffic conditions. “But would the car be the fastest means of transport in town? To go a mile, the answer is clearly no. Even if the traffic is fluid, it is the public transport which is the most efficient: a little more two minutes, compared to three minutes for the car, four for the bicycle and twelve minutes on foot. “(source: www.francetvinfo.fr)

And all that, without even telling you about the time spent looking for a place …


As a cyclist you feel relaxed and focused, you enjoy the surroundings on your ride. By bike, you are less stressed and nervous than motorists who endure saturated traffic and traffic jams every day. Thanks to the city bike, you have 100% control over your journey time , you are no longer uncertain when you will arrive at work or during an appointment. 


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