June 30, 2022
What is the best sandwich maker and grill?

Anyone who enjoys a warm bread in the morning, but doesn’t want to have a lot of work for it, usually chooses a sandwich maker to help with breakfast. But today they are not just snack makers, they can even grill a steak or make your other meals healthier. But what do you need to know to buy a sandwich maker that won’t let you down? After several snacks and grilling, I’m here to tell you what the best grill sandwich maker of 2021 is.


Mondial S-12

  • Power: 750W
  • Non-stick plates
  • Closing lock and cold handle


As today the absolute majority of slightly more expensive sandwich makers already have the grill function, which became a fad after those George Foreman models from the beginning of the last decade, remember? We made a wider use of the equipment and took advantage of the equipment both for the first morning meal and also to prepare a steak or grilled chicken for lunch and dinner. The idea is to understand how far we can use one of these.

The second point is speed, so we timed the time it takes for each one to have a snack and a steak, and of course, we closed the third pillar with the flavor of the food.

With that in mind, we chose the Mondial S-12 , which is one of the cheapest and most sold at retail, but which has its drawbacks. She is a sandwich maker who has been with me for a long time. It has a very competitive price. To make this guide, we bought it for 77 reais, and that makes it the most sought after in its segment.

This is my third attempt, as in the two previous attempts, it broke… The first, because of my own fault, a few years ago, when I dropped it off the kitchen counter and she couldn’t resist.

The second attempt failed when the plastic protection of the LED indicator fell off and didn’t fit anymore, and then the second LED was falling out and it wasn’t worth trying to fix it.

But this machine has a problem that bothers us, which is the difficulty in cleaning the plates. When the cheese melts on the sides, it will take you a while to get it all out, and as lazy as you might be, my honest advice is: don’t let the dirt accumulate.

It is worth mentioning that the two plates have horizontal waves that take up most of the surface. It may seem boring, but I think they’re too close together, and the design of the creases that stay in the food is a little strange, but it doesn’t interfere with cleaning or adherence.

Although neither of the two times I broke the problem was this, when you take the S-12 in your hand, you notice that even the fits between the pieces seem loose. Whether in the hinge on both sides, the joining of the sheet with the plastic or even in the finishing, everything gives the impression that it will break soon. It’s the price to be paid for something cheaper, there’s no way. At least the rear power conductor isn’t as exposed.

Well, I’ve talked a lot about the negative aspects of it, but of course it has its advantages. First, because it is the most sandwich maker of the three present in this guide, with a format designed to fit exactly two loaves.

Second, it is the lightest in this guide and the most energy-efficient. In the design, only it has a closure latch that prevents your bread or grill from escaping around if you are more clumsy. Other than that, it cools down faster after use, and this helps a lot when cleaning the sides of the plate when the cheese sticks.

Cleaning instructions vary according to each manufacturer, but the ideal is to sanitize with a damp cloth after use, waiting for it to cool down completely for a heavier cleaning, taking care not to wet the electrical part.

A hot mix here usually takes about 4 minutes to make, although the red light indicates that two and a half minutes is enough. In the first use, Mondial asks to grease the plates with butter or margarine, while Britânia advises that a little more smoke is normal in the first days of use, which I honestly didn’t notice.

The point is: this product only makes snacks – so you always have to think about your need – if you want to make anything additional or equipment that lasts longer.


Britânia Grill Press Inox

  • Power: 850W (110V) and 640W (220V)
  • Smooth bottom plate and corrugated top plate
  • Top plate adjustment


The Grill Press Inox of Britain is an option not only because it has grill, as the name implies, but count on a greater care in the finish, even this one not being an advanced model. It is positioned at a cost-effective level, priced at around R$180, but with some refinements that it borrows from more expensive variants.

This care does not only mean the use of expensive materials, but at least firmer fits in the joints. On the outside, it combines black plastic with a red metallic layer, with aluminum on the handle and red ceramic on the plates.

Starting precisely with the part where the food stays, the great advantage here is that the food will not stick. And seriously, this is really good. The practical effect is that you can melt the cheese without worrying about the damage that will be left on the plate, or watching the ham dry out. Believe me, this is the difference between the hot bakery mix and the one we make at home.

The top of the grill is more mobile, with two hinges at the ends and the junction made with the electrical conductor, which could be smaller, but its large size makes sense precisely to help give this mobility.

And you might be asking by now: why a movable top plate? To press the food, which will help when heating a hot dog, making a panini or grilling the steak. Interestingly, this is the only part of the sheet with undulations, as the surface is smooth.

With 1500w power, in our tests 2 and a half minutes were enough to make a hot mixture, but the point of fully melted cheese is four minutes. Things take a while to grill the steak. It’s nine minutes for two small pieces of rump, and since the meat gives off more water here, the steak dries out a little.

And you don’t need more than a paper towel or a damp cloth to clean the ceramic from the plate, which doesn’t keep dirt, and even when cleaning the fat from the meat, just one pass with the smooth part of the sponge and everything is clean .


Oster Bioceramic

  • Power: 1500W
  • temperature regulation
  • Removable plates for cleaning
  • rubberized handle
  • 180º opening


Already Oster Bioceramic shows that it is a robust model from the box, and its price of more than R $ 500 is proof of that. It is much larger and has a much thicker base than the other two that we presented, and the detail here is that its construction is in stainless steel on the lid and the lower part in silver and black plastic, and the cable to lift the The top is made of rubberized plastic, and I’ll explain to you why this is important.

Of the three, it is the only one to boast three very important features, which are typical of premium products: the ability to open up to 180 degrees, which allows you to use the top and bottom plates equally, the temperature control, which reaches up to 230 degrees, and the removable ceramic plate which, incidentally, is the highest point. A lot of people have doubts about the best way to clean this type of appliance, and being able to remove the part that accumulates dirt is something that makes you wonder, why aren’t all sandwich makers like that?

As it uses metallic equipment in almost all its construction, it is the model that heats up the most and takes the longest to cool down, and that is why the rubberized handle is important. Another point worth paying attention to is the size of your kitchen or the location where you store these countertop items.

That’s because Bioceramic takes up a huge amount of space on the countertop, so taking it out and putting it away every day can make your breakfast a tiring task, especially considering that it needs to be cleaned every time you use it.

A hot mix here is ready in five and a half minutes at a temperature of 200º C, but that time can be shorter if you use the maximum temperature, and the promise here is 20% faster cooking.

This model is what wins when it comes to steak. Seven minutes is enough for a well done at maximum temperature, but six minutes is enough for it to be cooked.

This was the winner in the qualitative test, since the meat made in it is the most succulent, the one that dries out less. Britânia’s model makes the meat tougher, although the taste doesn’t change much, while Mondial’s makes the worst steak of the three.

The grill function is accompanied by temperature adjustment is essential, as the best taste of each food varies according to the temperature and cooking time. Less powerful equipment may not have enough heat capacity to grill a steak, for example.


With all this explanation it is easy to summarize now. Mondial’s S-12 is the basic one for those who need nothing more than a hot snack for breakfast, but who lacks in the use of materials and durability, but the price is a beautiful attraction.

Britânia Press Inox Redstone ventures to grill a food and the result is acceptable here, although the steak is a little more dry, but it makes an impeccable sandwich, and it has the best cost-benefit ratio and, finally, Oster Bioceramic is as complete as a grill and with so many functions that making just a morning roll here is a hell of a waste of money, as it is so expensive.

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