June 30, 2022
Your practical guide to playing tennis

Your practical guide to playing tennis

Tennis can be played indoors or outdoors, on clay, on grass, on a synthetic surface or just for fun on a tarmac court in your park or at a local club. Here’s what to know before entering the tennis court.

The goal

  • Your goal is to hit the ball in the opponent’s court so that it cannot be returned.
  • The pitch is a large area and good players need to have stamina, agility and cunning.
  • Only one bounce is allowed on your side of the court, so be prepared and stay on your toes.


The scoring of a game is a series of duels. Players must earn four points (15, 30, 40 and “game”) to win a game. A 40:40 tie is called a “tie” and a player must then earn two consecutive points (“advantage” and “play”) to win.

  • The serve alternates with each play and the first to six or more, with a two-play advantage, wins the “set”.
  • Most games are played to the best of three or five “sets”. If in a “set” other than the deciding “set” the score reaches six games each, the players must engage in a “tie-break” and the player who scores seven or more points with a two-point advantage wins. .

Playing tennis shots

In a long game, you’ll use forehand and backhand, balls high above your opponent’s head, and return quick volleys.

  • Practice basic strokes, then master the serve, which should open each point. Good serve puts your opponent on the defensive.

4-step service

  1. Stand at the baseline with your body perpendicular to your opponent and transfer some of your weight to your back foot.
  2. With the right arm, throw the ball and slightly forward, and bring your racquet backwards, into a “throwing” position.
  3. When the ball reaches its apex, bring your racquet forward.
  4. Try to hit the ball as high as possible, as this maximizes the power of the impact and the angle of the rebound, making it harder for your opponent to reach and return the serve.

Forehand in 4 steps

  1. As the ball approaches you from your side of the racquet (your right, if you are right-handed), bring the racquet head back, in a circle, so that it is level with the head. .
  2. Rotate your body to put all the muscle power in your legs and torso into play.
  3. Continue the movement of the racquet, aiming to make contact in front of your body as the ball bounces at waist height.
  4. Finish the movement, so the racket comes through your body, finishing high.

Reverse in 4 steps

  1. If the ball is on your side without a racket (your left, if you are right-handed), move the racket across your body so that it rests horizontally on your stomach.
  2. Try to meet the ball in front of the body.
  3. Clap (with both hands) with your weight on the front foot, so that your swing adds power to the shot.
  4. Push off with your legs and arms on impact, finishing high.

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